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Mocktale’s primarily Vision is to manufacture premium quality and halal mocktails in the ever-growing beverage Market and challenging global industry. Our mission aims to be the beverage manufacturer that provides convenient and accessible premium quality mocktails anywhere, anytime for anyone.


Our market covers Halal Muslims, Young Non-Alcoholic drinker and Vegetarian. Currently, Mocktale has been working with Cafes, Restaurant and Convenient Retail Outlets In Northern Penang, Malaysia. We encourage our business clients to added beverage options with various flavors for their customers during service and ensure healthy beverages at affordable prices.


The recent Covid 19 crisis has encouraged Mocktale to work towards penetrating the local market through E commerce (Easy Store) and partnering with major food delivery companies such as Awesome Deals. Grab Food and Food Panda, throughout Malaysia. Our long term plans is to be able to enter export market by early 2021.

We are now open to collaborative Master Distributor partnership (B2B) for regional levels and interested export within ASEAN neighbours.


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